Mondragón Lingua – Alecop S. Coop.

Mondragón Lingua – Alecop S. Coop.

Training and other language services. Advice and support for strategic project management.
We are a new cooperative created after the merger of two cooperatives in 2022 (Mondragon Lingua S.Coop and Alecop S.Coop). We offer language training in the Basque Autonomous Community to the B2C market, especially in English. We have a series of services and products aimed at the B2B market and our market is much broader, with 10% of our sales in international markets. Mondragon Lingua-Alecop is also a partner and manager of the MONDRAGON Mexico University.

• Information about the application of AI in your activity.

In different areas, we have mentioned, among others, these.

In the Training Division:

Automatic assessment, immersive environments, digitalization and resources for managing personalized learning paths.

In the Translation Division

Use of automatic translation: work execution times have been reduced, productivity is increased and client confidentiality and information security are guaranteed. Automation and artificial intelligence have radically changed corporate customer service.

Training Services

We are working on different projects, with the aim of offering an innovative vision of people’s current learning processes, through different cognitive dialogue collaborators (chatbot) and through natural language.

Expert people